The Eastern Draft Horse Association is the largest horse pulling
organization in the country, with hundreds of members from all over
the United States and Canada . We are a non-profit organization.
The Eastern Draft Horse Association holds its annual pull at the end of
the season in October. The "Round-up" is regarded as the largest and
most prestigious pull in the country with three days of horse pulling
excitement, a dance, an auction, and other interesting features.  All
are invited to watch this exciting event!  

The objectives of the Eastern Draft Horse Association are:

  • To insure the proper treatment of pulling horses by working with
    each of the New England state's Commissioners of Agriculture,
    Commissioners of Fairs, and the Society for the Prevention of
    Cruelty to Animals.
  • To raise the standards of horse pulling by establishing rules and
    regulations for the efficient and equal judging of pulling contests.
  • To stimulate interest in horse pulling in the general public.

We hope you'll consider joining the EASTERN DRAFT HORSE
ASSOCIATION and take advantage of all membership has to offer.
Eastern Draft Horse Association
Welcomes You!
Horse Prayer
"O Creator, maker of all that was, is
and is yet to be, Let my service be
acceptable to my master and to thee.
Give my bones strength, and my
muscles power, So that I may
faithfully serve my master, come Sun
or come shower..."

- Jason Wentworth
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The July Doubletree has been mailed
and emailed.  
Date:  October 16, 17 & 18, 2015
Ok all you horse guys, our long time
friend and puller is not doing so well.
Lucien Dupont has cancer. His wife just
told he he has just a little time left. There
will be no funeral to say good bye. He
would live to hear from you all. His
address is Lucien Dupont, 135 Dance
Hall Road, Lunenburg VT 05906.
or if you can't get to see him you could
drop a card or always call
1-802-892-6148... I am sure he would
love to hear from everyone!
He was a huge supporter so let's support
him now....Thanks!