Good Morning EDHA Members!

The Spring meeting will be held May 15th at 3pm at Candia Masonic Lodge. There also will be a mail in ballot available as well that will be going out the 1st week in May in case you are unable to attend the meeting!

If you have a slate of classes you would like to be voted on it must be sent in by May 1st to Stephanie or Jenn or

The Directors slate is as follows:


Single (kids class)

3050 12ft

3250 15ft

3450 15ft

FFA 15ft

12 south Rd Candia, NH 03034

1st Place Winners at the 2019 EDHA Round Up

FFA-Johnson Family
Blanket Sponsor-Larpenter Family In
 Memory of Marge Larpenter
Halter Sponsor- Zach Bertholic
34 Class- Smith & Kierstead
Blanket Sponsor- McConkey Construction 
Halter Sponsor- McConkey Construction
30 Class- Kelley & Roy
Blanket Sponsor- Lavigne & Peterson Families In Memory of Donnie Lavigne
Halter Sponsor- Ron Collins
2 # Rock Class- Sharp Shoeing
Blanket Sponsor- Ackerman Family In Memory of Donald Ackerman
Halter Sponsor- Mark Bourne
32 Class- Hurlbert & Brown 
Blanket Sponsor- LeClair's, McNeil's, Gilmore Families In Memory of Vern Varin
Halter Sponsor- Zach Bertholic
Please Send all Membership Dues to:

Eastern Draft Horse Association

C/O Jenn Roy

738 East Side River Rd

Milan, NH 03588


The Eastern Draft Horse Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the popular New England style of horse pulling. Founded in 1958, and now boasting with over 500 members, the Eastern Draft Horse Association seeks to educate, inform, and entertain. 

The objectives of the Eastern Draft Horse Association are;

  • To insure the proper treatment of pulling horses by working with each of the New England States commissioners of agriculture, and commissioners of fairs 

  • To raise the standards of horse pulling by establishing rules and regulations for the efficient and equal judging of pulling contests. 

  • To stimulate interest in horse pulling in the general public. 

We hope you will consider joining the Eastern Draft Horse Association

and take advantage of all membership has to offer. ​

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